For the convenience of the residents in phase I, the community commercial centre and entertainment facilities comprise of supermarket, restaurants, bar, gym, swimming pool, basketball and tennis courts, kids’ playground, hospital, kindergartens, schools, police station etc. AVIC TOWN, the paradise to live in, will cater for the full needs of residents to let everyone have a peace of mind, safety, security and to enjoy the convenience.

Outdoor Courts

Invite your friends and families over during the weekends and enjoy a football/basketball /tennis match together, isn’t this one of the most enjoyable lifestyles you can ask for?

Commercial Center

AVIC TOWN boasts of the best supermarkets, gift shops, grocery stores and fresh fruit / vegetable / fish / meat marts in the locality.


AVIC TOWN deeply understands the need to protect what’s priceless to each resident and their loved ones, so we have established security guards, 24hours CCTV coverage and even built a police station at AVIC TOWN to give our community the best possible safety that can be provided.


Begin your day with a full-bodied stretch and enjoy personal workouts at AVIC TOWN’s gym, fully-equipped with the most innovative gym technology.

Community Center

Whether you are a Social dynamic or not, you will love the visionary spaces at AVIC TOWN that enrich the body, soothe the mind and uplift the soul to the realms of paradise. A sophisticated space for those who expect the best!

Swimming Pool

The resort-style pool is a thing of beauty at AVIC TOWN. Sip home-made lemonades and relax on sculpted lounges shaded from the sun.

Property Service

Add to it the joys of personalized services from AVIC TOWN’s Property Management and Services team that will make sure each resident enjoys the true essence of a secure, gated community lifestyle.