AVIC international offers free real estate services in Tanzania
23 September 2015

AVIC international is offering a three year property services charge, two year round trip shuttle bus from Ferry station to its real estate housing project located some 25km at free of charge to all anticipated buyers. And also give a two year sports VIP experience card to all buyers to be used in such swimming, gym and tennis court.

Speaking to the Guardian recently AVIC’s Marketing Representative said that AVIC has offered special offers to the customers who will be able to buy their houses between this September and Christmas, this year. "Through our investment at AVIC TOWN, we will be able to provide high quality houses, top level property management service and the best community experience" added by him.

Provision of such facilities according to Avic official will avoid mushrooming house to house corner bars that are common in most parts of Tanzania, hence avoiding inconveniencing the neighbors.

The project will also maintain a design concept of a permanently planned environment.

Furthermore the project intends to provide a community for living and not only a house to sleep in. It has also integrated the Tanzanian culture of having individual plot at the same time a good neighborhood.

The houses designs considered different family sizes, interests and income levels, because we encourage a diverse community.

Hence, the houses areas range from 96sqm to 360sqm on plot area 450 to more than 1200 sqm with bedrooms ranging from 2 to 5 bedrooms.

According to Hongjun all those offers will efficiently start after the completion of the AVIC Town project in October next year.

   He said one of the reasons to give these offers is to add extra value to the project.

   Other people who spoke to this paper said that in completion AVIC TOWN project will raise the economy of the Kigamboni area and neighbourhoods.

   The social challenges of housing provision are well understood by the international community. However, inadequate attention has been devoted to the central role of housing-particularly urban housing-in national economic growth in developed countries are better understood, little is known about these linkages in developing countries and those with economies in transition.

   The provision of adequate housing can be critical for raising labour productivity as it improves the economic efficiency of productive sectors.

   In other words, housing enables an economy to function smoothly by providing adequate places for employees to live in and thus work more productively. 

   “We welcome this project and other projects with the objective of solving the provision of housing to our people, as 70 percent of the houses of the city of Dar es Salaam comprise houses built in squatters” .

   The project will enable opportunity for city dwellers to live in decent houses that are built in surveyed areas.

   The project also offers ample employments to the youths and other skilled Tanzanians.

   According to the source the regional authority was in the forefront to ensure all the necessary infrastructures like electricity, water, roads, and health services among others were in place so as to ensure the project sails smoothly.

   The undergoing construction at Somangira has also offered employed many temporary employments to many Tanzanian youths, men and women.

   AVIC TOWN project in Kigamboni runs in five phases and 3,000- 5,000 sets of houses will be built with qualified property services for comfortable and convenient life and also creating good opportunities of investment.

   According to other reports, Tanzania-real-estate developments within the construction sector have benefited the Tanzania real estate sector through the creation of additional real estate space and AVIC TOWN has so far proved to be a major player in the sector.

   The current development projects that are under way, as well as those that are being planned, have created opportunities for interested investors. And it is projected that the demand for office, retail and industrial real estate in the capital city of Dar es Salaam will remain strong.

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