“Its a smart move to invest in AVIC TOWN”

AVIC TOWN is a first and one of its kind in Tanzania, The project aimed at providing local Tanzanians reliable, secure and quality housing with its beautiful natural scenery and roughly flat terrain and a diverse portfolio including residential homes, commercial landmarks and urban high-rises. AVIC International has earned a reputation for outstanding attention to detail, contemporary construction technology and chic urban designs. The company will as well be dealing with managing the properties in collaboration with the house owners in ensuring the maintenance of the house.

The new city of Kigamboni, with a total area of 64,944,000 ㎡, is located in Temeke District. According to the development information and data statistics, Tanzania government has invested about 7 Billion into planning the new city of Kigamboni to build commercial center, industrial zone, tour center, hospital, international schools and residential zones with complete facilities, making the new city of Kigamboni to be the new prosperous center and place where everyone expects to reside.

With approximately 7billion dollars invested already by the Tanzanian government in to Kigamboni for the development of the area Kigamboni will rise and develop faster than any other areas in Dar es Salaam and with its roads, bridges and beautiful landscape, Kigamboni will be the seeked for area in no time.

According to the 2012 National census, Dar es Salaam statistics shows to have a population of about 4.3 million people making it one of the fastest growing cities in Sub-Saharan Africa. As the city is growing very fast the current demand for homes in the country goes to over three million units with the demand rising at an average of 200,000 units a year but only 15,000 houses are constructed a year, each person has to think critically on how to accommodate themselves with their families. These past few years, AVIC International has endeavored to build Avic Town into a high-end and low density community Making Kigamboni and AVIC TOWN the right place to invest for the near future.